RAK Porcelain

A Tale of a thousand and one wonders

RAK Porcelain acts as a partner to leaders in all hospitality categories in search of excellence with those that are convinced that the tableware adds value to their table and to their guest experience.

If one of our collections sets off a culinary work perfectly, or if the design of a table service inspires the preparation of the dish, our mission has been successful. The table then becomes an art ... to taste ... practical in use and highly aesthetic, this perfectly exemplifies RAK Porcelain's passion at work.

Cutting-edge technology

Using cutting-edge technology our collections are designed to withstand intensive use as well as mechanical and thermal shocks inherent in the profession. By selecting raw materials of the highest quaity quality, our porducts stand up over time to heat of traditional or microwave ovens, while retaining the brilliance of their enamel and the fineness of their decorations.

An optimised worldwide distribution

Linked to a solid worldwide distribution structure, we rely on a network of experts and operators specialising in tableware to serve you wherever and whenever you desire. We insist on providing you with very short lead times. RAK Porcelain Europe organises and manages the distribution for the European market from its headquarters in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, where around 2.7 million items are stored. RAK Porcelain USA has its headquarters in New York.

Product advantage

What makes the difference at RAK Porcelain?

Innovative tabletop collections ... dedicated to professionals, delivered with an unforgettable quality of service ... that offer both unmatched artisitc and practical levels of quality within the hospitality industry.

What creates excellence at RAK Porcelain?

Creation, inspiration and especially the constant search for a better balance in the design of products for continuous and intensive use drives RAK Porcelain in its continual pursuit of excellence. Our mission is to improve the daily worries of all our ambassadors in the worldwide foodservice industry. All our collections are shaped for ease in handling, resistance to variations in temperature, and a superior overall strength to insure a long lasting product even within the harsh conditions in the hospitality industry.